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In the last year, especially due to the Covid-19 pandemic, ad campaigns are aiming to encourage local businesses. Ads promoting to stop at the local market instead of the generic Walmart and other giants are everywhere lately. But in the end, what’s more important to the average consumer in Quebec? Buying a simple white t-shirt as an example from a multinational company or buying a similar t-shirt from a local business but paying twice as much? What value do we give to our money? What importance do we attribute to encouraging local businesses? Certain people go the farmer’s market to buy fresh products and pay a little more and others go to IGA/Costco/Metro and buy the raspberries form Mexico or elsewhere due to the more competitive price. In the end, what’s more important? A personally choice you may say. Thus, we all somewhat base our choices with price taken into consideration, but many times we also have other factors taken into account. Personally, price is only a part of my decision making process while shopping. What’s your opinion?



Added value, what does that mean? For me, it’s looking at two very similar products but that are simultaneously very different. Ironic you may say? I remember discussing with a friend who has a business in Laval. She had a growth issue and she decided to move a part of for production outside Canadian boarders. Thus said, she decided to keep a production plant locally. She repeatedly said she would always try to keep her local plant opened. She expressed that the people that helped her start her business are still around and it’s in part because of these dedicated people that she successfully grew over the years. “These women are exceptional and I wouldn’t want to endanger their jobs, they’ve helped me so much”. Some would reply that we have a shortage of labor force, they could easily find another one if the plant was to shut down. Come to think about it, we have a sense of pride to say out loud that our product is made locally. There is such a small percentage of businesses in Quebec that actually export their products that when we can, we are proud of it. We also value quality. How many of us have experienced ordering a product online from Asia and once deliver were unsatisfied because the picture was not representative of the final product delivered. I know I have, and probably too many of us… When we produce locally, we can control quality, we can negotiate delays and details. Those factors also have their price tag! At Goliath tools, we want to keep the core business locally for those exact same reasons. 


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