Our strength is in the complementarity of each member of the team. What’s the Goliath team? It’s joining field experience in construction with design and technical knowledge. With experienced collaborators for patent filing, an important network and knowhow of the industry we are able to deliver quality products. So far, we have developed a complete system to accelerate ceiling work such as: slab drilling, high pin installation and folding without the use of any scaffolding. We also created a simple tool for all markings in order to avoid all bending, repetitive use of measuring tape and use of scaffolding.

Franky Champagne, our calculus professor, creative, addicted to design, still working on construction sites, he is our first chain link.

The Champagne brothers, Simon and Steve, our “Dukes of Hazzard”, fast and efficient to test all prototypes to test their limits. Not afraid to do what is needed to make sure our products are reliable, performing, safe and easy to use.

Alexandra Roy, the one that uses the acronym ABC « always be closing » for the team. Responsible for market development with her network and industry experience, she implements marketing and hr strategies to make sure each product shines.

Michel Bisson, wisdom and technical manufacturing expertise. Supportive in our product development and in patent filing. Rational, he tones down the wild creativity to ensure a quality and well marketed product.

Aziz Yamar, our Luke Skywalker, an apprentice who solves mechatronic issues in our products and who evolve at light speed with each new product in development.